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Lyrica (Pregabalin) is an anticonvulsant used to help and relieve certain types of nerve pain or seizures. It is useful for the treatment of nerve pain due to diabetic neuropathy and post herpetic neuralgia. Lyrica capsule contains an active ingredient which is used to treat epilepsy.
Generic Lyrica may also be marketed as: Pregabalin, Lyrica.
*Lyrica® is a registered trademark of Pfizer®


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Lyrica medicament – what is it all about?

Lyrica medicament which is also known as Pregabalin. Pregabalin is advertised under the name of Lyrica. Usually, Lyrica medicament is used for the treatment of epilepsy, neuropathic problems, and normal anxiety issues. It mainly used to cure epilepsy and it is a neurological disorder portrayed by epileptic seizures. These seizures lead to physical injuries like seldom broken bones. Pregabalin has some off-label uses too like, leg syndrome, curing of migraines and social anxiety issues.


Who introduced it? Parke- Davis was the who introduced Pregabalin as the upgraded version of gabapentin. And Pfizer was the one who introduced it to the market which was right after Warner-Lambert company acquired it. In the United States, there are no still generic versions available till 2018. These generic versions are only available in Canada along with the United Kingdom. If you want to acquire it in the United States, you need to spend at least $300-$400 USD every month. Lyrica medicament is Schedule V substance controlled under Controlled Substances Act 1970 i.e. CSA.

Lyrica medicament and its uses:

It has many uses for issues like Seizures, Neuropathic pain etc.

Seizures: Lyrica medicament is the only preferred medicines when it comes to seizures. It is also adding best curing power when it comes to treatment. The use of this alone can cure seizures compared to other seizure medications. It is still not proved that how is it equal with gabapentin in this case.

Neuropathic pain: According to Federation of Europe and other Neurological communities recommend Lyrica medicament as the best treatment for pains like diabetic neuropathy, post- herpetic, and central neuropathic pain. Consuming less capsules gives you high benefits whereas consuming more capsules gives you limited benefits. So, the possibility of curing faster is more if you take in fewer capsules.

Pregabalin is not useful for some types of neuropathic pains like trigeminal neuralgia. Also, it is not still proved whether it is useful for cancer-related neuropathic pains. There is still no proof that Lyrica medicament cures migraines along with gabapentin is also found that it is also not useful in this case. Pregabalin is also tested for the treatment of post-surgical chronic pain. Finally, it is proved to be not so useful in this case or may raise some controversies. Also, many experiments were made whether it is useful for some type of neuropathic pains, but most of them prove that it is not so useful to include Pregabalin in the treatment. Even though people faced some opioid-related effects, some discussions have been done to reduce the pain.

Anxiety disorders: Nowadays most of them feel anxiety for small little things. Also, most of them suffer from anxiety disorders, so this is where you find Lyrica medicament helpful. Also, World Federation of Biological Psychiatry also suggests Pregabalin as one of important medication along with SSRIs to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder with low-risk terms. So, you can find that Lyrica medicament shows it effects right after 1 week even though it shows positive results if you consume for long trials. Also, it gives you positive effects on your sleep portrayed by slow-wave sleep. It also gives you fewer pain effects so, it preferred over benzodiazepines in this case.

Side effects of Lyrica medicament:

Like every medicine shows its side effects after consuming so does Lyrica.

Pregabalin has started showing to deliver therapeutic effects that are likely to various controlled medications. So, many studies proved that a 450 mg of Lyrica started producing good drug effect which is likely to diazepam. But, in a test pregabalin showed up a side effect related to the central nervous system.


So, let us look at some of the side effects Lyrica medicament show.

  • It makes you feel dizzy and drowsy which is helpful to have a good sleep and wake up fresh.
  • 10% of the patients suffer from blurred vision along with weight gain which also the main cause nowadays, you'll get confused, suffer from vivid kind of dreams, also diplopia, easily get irritated, attention keeps on changing, you feel like boozed, affects your memory power which is not got situation to be in.
  • Gives you tremors and your mouth gets dried easily, causes constipation, frequent vomiting, fatigue, which makes you feel the effects related drunkenness which ultimately makes you walk abnormal and increases your kinase levels.
  • 1% of patients suffer from depression, agitation, a lot of sweat, get cramps in your muscles easily, and effects the functioning of kidney sometimes.
  • Almost 0.1% of the patients suffering from first stage heart problems like heart blocks or strokes etc. Get tensed easily for no reason, and think about suicide with suicidal behavior.

Exodus signs:

If the consumption of pregabalin id discontinued it may show some side effects like physical dependence. FDA decided that the overview of pregabalin is quantitively less than benzodiazepines. People who discontinued short or long term pregabalin consumption may feel withdrawal symptoms. Like it shows the side effects like a headache, insomnia problems, increases nervousness, suffering from depression, and causes dizziness.

For Pregnancy: Lyrica is considered as one the best medicine for pregnant women. Even though in some cases it is still not proved that it is safe to use or not. Because it may cause some harm. So, there must be done some more tests to give a strong point that whether it is safe or not. So, that the baby can be safe along with the mother.

What happens if it is consume more? An overdose of pregabalin may sometimes show positive effects and it may shoe negative effects in some cases. In Renal failure patients' development of myoclonus has been observed while consuming Lyrica. also, over dosage of pregabalin results to decrease of Plasma and blood concentrations in the body and leads to poisoning. So, seeking doctor's advice is always recommended before consuming. So, that you may not face any type of side effects.

Medicine synergy: Most of the experiments proved especially video that no interactions have been found. But the maker found some interactions with benzodiazepines and ethanol i.e. alcohol. Pregabalin also plays an important role in preventing diabetics. So, Lyrica shows both positive and negative effects on our body.

History of Pregabalin: Talking about the history of Pregabalin. It was synthesized in 1990 as an anticonvulsant. Richard Bruce Silverman a well-known medicinal chemist has come up with this at Northwestern University located in Chicago. Silverman was the one who came up with the proof that Pregabalin is the best medication for seizures. After some time Andruszkiewicz who was a researcher who came to the University and found Silverman's invention very inspiring and then he decided to do something for him. So, he came up with an idea of introducing a series of molecules. This inspired Silverman a lot he found it very encouraging. These molecules were so powerful that they would increase the productivity of GABA. So, these set of molecules were sent to Parke-Davis lab for tests. So, the medicine got approved in 2004 by the European Union. Right after that in December 2004 USA also received the approval of FDA. Then the marketing of Pregabalin has started in the USA with the name Lyrica by 2005.

Cost: The cost of this capsule in the United States in 2005 was USD 4-6 for the 150mg capsule. So, it was affordable and many patients bought it and have cured their seizers.

Is it legal? Yes, it legal to use in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Norway.

By the United States FDA has approved for the marketing of Lyrica in 2005. But after trials, some people reported that they are suffering from euphoria. Which made DEA Drug Enforcement Administration restrict Lyrica medicament to Schedule V controlled substance.

Norway: In Norway, the pregabalin has been restricted to prescription C which is considered as the lowest schedule but later it has been decided to make it move to Schedule B.

United Kingdom: Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs on Jan 12, 2016, decided to write a letter suggesting that both drugs should be redevised to Class C but later it was rectified to 3rd Schedule which is higher class. But the letter shows the cautious of addictions of these drugs, misuse with these drugs and it also causes effects of drunkenness which leads you to walk abnormally, gives you a headache and many other effects. So, UK Govt has decided to restrict the usage if this drugs for the safety of the public. Isn't that great?

Canada: In Canada, there are generic versions available so, people can buy them and consume them. But, mainly they use only to cure seizures, diabetes etc. Canada Govt also took the decision of restricting them for correct usage so that the public are safe and protected.

Approved for certain treatments: FDA i.e. Food and Drug Administration of USA has approved Lyrica for only certain treatments like, partial seizures for adults, to manage postherpetic neuralgia and neuropathic pain which are related to spinal cord injuries and diabetes, treatment of fibromyalgia. And, Pregabalin has been approved in Europe and Russia for anxiety therapy which is not approved in the USA. So, this was best measures taken by the Governments' of restricting Pregabalin for certain treatments so that the people would be safe. Also, this drug is so addictive that you may so many side effects after some time. So, make sure to take doctor's advice on how much you need to consume pregabalin.

Advertising: Pfizer was the one who started the marketing of Pregabalin. He also explained the used odd Pregabalin like, he told it would cure seizures, diabetic neuropathy etc. But Lyrica misused this capsules for one thing which was not approved by FDA, for this Pfizer was fined $2.3 billion for illegal use. But Lyrica had made a record by it sales i.e. it made $3.063 billion by 2010 itself. Lyrica is one among the four drugs which are Upjohn and Pharmacia that are subsidiaries by Pfizer. SO, Pfizer agreed to pay the fine and has entered the legally signed agreement, which stated that he would never again commit a fraud like this. So, this agreement was also signed by FDA and they said that if this crime repeats again there would be serious action taken against the company and him. Also, in the year 2016, the company has come back and started promoted its product again, by spending a whopping amount of $24.6 million for promoting. Also listed in the global revenues by earning $14 billion in the United States itself.

So, the Northwestern University is proud that they have introduced such a powerful drug which cures major disorders that people are suffering from today. Also, the University is the one who gave license to Pfizer to promote this medicine till 2018 and holds the patent for this drug. So, pregabalin shows both positive and negative effects which are sometimes harmful and in some cases, it may help us to cure our disorder. So, it would be great if this product delivers best positive effects which can help people to stay healthy.


Neymar JR 01:23:30 08/08/17

The drug is good for severe neurological pains, when other drugs do not help, even tramadol did not help. There are side effects of any drug, but when the pain is not tolerable when the nerve is squeezed and you inject six injections at a time, there is no side effects. I took 75 ml 2 times a day and believe the pain was gone.

Kate 01:25:36 08/08/17

Often an indispensable drug for chronic neuropathic pain. Good efficiency in generalized anxiety, especially when it is not possible to prescribe or resist antidepressant therapy. Low severity or actual absence of side effects. It facilitates the flow of abstinence (a period of withdrawal from a psychoactive substance) with narcotic, alcoholic, tranquilizer and other addictions.

Jacky Black 23:09:08 08/22/17

I was assigned lyrica by a psychiatrist. Appealed about depression and heightened anxiety. How to treat depression - this is a separate conversation, the lyrica were assigned precisely on a wave of anxiety. In the testimony there is a generalized anxiety disorder plus it is used as a mood stabilizer for cyclothymia and bipolar affective disorder. The drug is just magical. Anxiety kills at all. I was not helped by her neither sedative antidepressants nor tranquilizers, the lyrica coped with cheers. Started with a dosage of 300 mg, in the end it was necessary to raise to 450, because 300 did not completely unsettle the alarm. At the moment I drink it for the third month, I did not have to raise the dosage again. Side effects very quickly went away. There was euphoria, tremor, confusion of thoughts, drowsiness, but everything went by in a couple of days. And the positive effect remained

Tasha R. 22:21:53 09/04/17

On a background of a diabetes mellitis at me extremely strong pains in a leg or foot have begun. The final diagnosis was not yet delivered to me, in the future it became known as diabetic neuropathy, but the doctor has already advised to try to take the drug "Lyrica", warning about its very cautious use. He gave a short-term relief, and then the pain began to subside gradually, and then I began to reduce the daily dose, bringing to one capsule. During the application of the medication "Lyrica" I want to note my very fast fatigue and dizziness.

Donald 21:43:11 10/21/17

150 mg of lyrica helped with the pain caused by problems with the sciatic nerve, suffered the last six months. The pain did not completely disappear, but the depression went away, which, it turned out, was present all summer, turning me almost into a vegetable. Quite naturally. With a double dosage, the pain almost completely disappears, but the euphoria is already clearly manifested and staggers from side to side. After such experiments, the next day, depression comes back with a vengeance, which, naturally, is removed by taking the drug. Therefore, do not recommend exceeding the prescribed dose.

Anna30 11:47:49 11/24/17

Tablets "Lyrica" an excellent analgesic, but is used for pain of a neuralgic nature and, of course, according to the doctor's prescription, the effect of anesthesia lasts up to 8 hours, is produced in Germany. These tablets have appointed or nominated to me the neuropathologist, when I had very strong pains connected with a jamming of a nerve. The leg hurt so that it was impossible to sit, stand, lie, woke at night with pain. Simple painkillers did not help me. Rather, they only eased the pain. My dosage was two times a day for two capsules. I drank them only two days, then my foot stopped ached. The doctor prescribed up to seven days, but immediately warned that maybe two days would be enough. The main active substance is pregabalin, an analog of gamma-aminobutyric acid. The tablets have many contraindications, but they have an excellent effect on the focus of pain, after two days they no longer needed me. Tablets are expensive, but for such it is not a pity to give money. There are 14 small capsules in the package. So, if a doctor appoints you, do not hesitate, help, very effective. And do not forget that they are used only for neuralgic pains.

OldUser99 23:16:25 01/18/18

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Andrew1111 10:56:01 01/31/18

With a drug called "Lyrica" I have known for more than a year. I had a sciatic nerve injury. Who does not know is on the buttock. So, the pains were just awful and I no longer had the strength to endure them. I tried, probably, all the preparations, but there was no sense. And then my attending physician, a neurologist, offered me a medicine called "Lyrica". He only recommended drinking it for very severe pain. Because this drug has many side effects. I drank it 150 mg twice a day. Therefore, I advise you to ask for a prescription for your doctor. But this is only if nothing else helps. And it is better to try to do without this drug. I accepted it because I did not have a choice.