Proven ways to restore normal sleep

There are many sleep disorders in the world. But the most common are the inability to sleep in the evening and the inability to wake up in the morning. Many complain of insomnia – the rhythm of life is accelerating, problems and stresses are becoming greater, which can not but lead to neurosis-like conditions. And one of the signs of them is problems with sleep. It is not by chance that sleeping pills are so popular all over the world. But sleeping pills are a way to nowhere – with their help, one-time sleep disorders very quickly turn into classic insomnia, when without drugs you can not really fall asleep. How do you manage without them and normalize your sleep yourself?


Without knowing your own physiology, which is often repeated on our website, it is difficult to find a way to get back to sleep. Academician Pavlov also found out that all processes in the body are a combination of excitation and inhibition. The same applies to falling asleep. Excitation is characterized by activation of the nervous system. Accordingly, the pressure increases, the heart knocks faster, muscle tone rises, the intestine and stomach start their work. In the brain at this time, electrical activity is increasing. Needless to say, with the prevalence of the processes of stimulation of sleep becomes in no one eye.

Deceleration, on the contrary, is characterized by a slowing of breathing and heart rhythm, relaxation of muscles, a decrease in pressure. At the same time in the body there are important processes of energy recovery, the accumulation of forces, the necessary nutrients, healing of injuries. Sleep is the peak of the processes of inhibition, namely, the inhibition of the activity of the cerebral cortex.

Proceeding from this, it is logical to assume that in order to normalize sleep and begin to fall asleep on time, it is necessary to achieve that in the body the processes of inhibition began to predominate over excitation. They can be tried artificially, independently. But to do this, you need to understand what a person can influence in his body, and what happens automatically and does not control.


It turns out that we can not influence much. The process of regulation of pressure and heart rate is automatic, and we can not change them consciously. But it is quite possible to indirectly influence them, changing what we can manage. And man can control consciously by the depth and frequency of breathing and musculature. That is, if you deliberately slow down your breathing and relax your muscles, you can achieve that the body will start the process of inhibition. Many people use this method unconsciously in order to reduce the rising pressure, to calm down. You can try to apply it and to facilitate falling asleep.


Lie comfortably and start rhythmically and calmly breathing, carrying out a delay in breathing between inhalation and exhalation and after exhalation. Thus it is necessary to try to breathe shallowly, superficially. Attention should be concentrated on the process of breathing, trying not to allow other thoughts. Very quickly the body starts to give up the day’s whirl, calm down and sleep can come unobserved.

The method will be even more effective if you attach a second one to it.


In the mid-seventies of the last century, auto-training was very popular, with the help of which, by repeating various suggestions in the twilight state, they tried to cure diseases that are psychosomatic in nature. The basis of auto-training was the principle of complete relaxation of the muscles, which resulted in the onset of an intermediate state between waking and waking. Many of those who tried to practice auto-training independently noted that they do not have time to start repeating to themselves the necessary statements, because they fell asleep.

Hence, a very simple conclusion follows: in order to fall asleep, all the muscle groups must be relaxed. This should be done in the same way as recommended in the method of auto-training – in stages, in strict sequence, focusing on their actions. First, relax the muscles of the feet of the right leg, then the lower leg, then the hip of the right leg. Then, in the same sequence, relax the muscles of the left leg. And so it is necessary to act, moving upwards: the buttocks, abdomen, back, hands, forearms, shoulders, neck, neck, face. As a rule, falling asleep is imperceptible even before all muscles are relaxed.

Sometimes sleep is disturbed precisely because of the strong blocks in the muscles, especially the muscles of the shoulders, neck and occiput. And the relaxation of these areas helps to fall asleep better than sleeping pills. The conscious release of muscle clamps is now used very actively in many psychological practices aimed at improving the human condition and normalizing sleep.


Relaxing muscles and relieve them from the clamps helps massage. In order to facilitate the onset of sleep, you can before going to bed massage the collar zone, hands and feet. It is important to massage these places qualitatively and carefully, without missing a single site. In this case, the movements should be slow, rubbing and kneading. Such a rhythm of influence on the muscles triggers the inhibition processes in the cerebral cortex, reduces the electrical activity of the brain and soothes, leading to a natural sleep.

Do we see the elephants

The old way to fall asleep says that you have to start thinking of yourself as elephants (in fact, anything you like). It is believed that this gradually disables the internal monologue of the brain, leads to the disappearance of constantly emerging thoughts and gradually lulls.

In principle, the principle is correct. But this method does not help everyone, and not always. And the reason is simple and lies in the inability to concentrate entirely on the process and in the wrong emotional mood. To count objects, concentrating on the account, it is necessary to calmly and without irritation. If the process begins to emotionally color with irritation and fear of failure, then failure will not fail to occur and sleep will not succeed, since the processes of inhibition, caused by the monotony of activity, will collide and be leveled by activating the processes of excitation from feelings of irritation.


Investigations into the nature of falling asleep have shown that with fatigue of the oculomotor muscles there is a feeling of drowsiness. Similarly, this condition increases the fatigue of the muscles of the face and neck. Hence, it was concluded that if you create a feeling of tired eyes, then the process of falling asleep can be greatly facilitated.

To do this, you simply have to lie in bed, look up, reduce your eyes, trying to look as if to the center of the forehead and keep your eye muscles in this position longer. The desire to relax your eyes and fall asleep will not slow you down.

You can do the following exercise: relax the muscles of the face and throat, and lower your eyes, looking as if inside yourself. It will quickly relax the body and help to quietly fall asleep.

Is it worth it to be afraid of sleep disturbances?

Many people, having experienced difficulties with falling asleep, begin to panic and believe that they have insomnia. Fear of repetition of the same situation makes them nervous before going to sleep the next day, which, of course, will lead to the fact that the process of excitation begins to prevail over inhibition and will not fall asleep. So a vicious circle is formed and health suffers. Insomnia is the work of the person himself. As a result, he grabs drugs and loses the ability to fall asleep naturally without drugs. To restore normal sleep after using sleeping pills and other psychotropic substances is extremely difficult.

Hence the conclusion: it is better not to start using drugs for sleep. And to be afraid of a sleeplessness too it is not necessary.

The best way to restore a healthy sleep is to allow yourself to stay awake when not in one eye, and not be nervous about the fact that sleep does not come on time. The human body is a complex self-organizing and self-restoring system. Accordingly, failures in its work are quite possible. But if you do not panic and do not rush to immediately eliminate them with pills, they pass by themselves.

If you do not feel sleepy, do not sleep. Lying in bed is not necessary and even harmful. The person starts to toss, to be irritated, angry, to be frightened, that and will not fall asleep, and as a result does not fall asleep. We must allow ourselves not to sleep and go to do something. Only in no case can you turn on the TV and watch movies or even worse immerse yourself in the Internet, sitting at the computer. The flickering of the screen will constantly nourish the processes of excitation of the cerebral cortex, only feeding a sleepless state (for the future it is generally necessary to take the rule to stop working at the computer a couple of hours before the supposed sleep, then the excitement will not prevail before sleeping in the cerebral cortex). The best thing is to read a book, take a walk, paint, raise, move things. Monotonous activity will gradually calm the nervous system and there will be a natural message to close your eyes and fall asleep.

If the dream does not come, it’s better not to go further. It is better not to sleep one night, than to put the body on sleeping pills and spoil the natural mechanism of falling asleep. After a day without sleep, the next night, it will be much easier to fall asleep. But provided that no drugs were drunk and no overexcitation for the brain in the form of vigilance in front of the computer and playing games were not.


From a difficult waking up in the morning people suffer no less than from a bad sleep at night. This is also one of the violations of sleep, because in the ideal we should wake up vigorously and full of energy on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnature.

To ease the morning of the Streltsy execution, one must also act wisely.

So, in order to get up with a fresh head in the morning and it’s easy, you need to provide enough oxygen in the room – a difficult rise is due in large part to the fact that the brain at night was experiencing oxygen starvation. For this, sleeping is recommended with an open window. Or at least the room before going to bed should be well ventilated. Also from the bedroom is to take out many plants that absorb oxygen at night. It is better to put here sansevieriya – a pike tail, which is excreted at night by oxygen.

The room should not be hot, it also breaks the quality of sleep and leads to a broken state in the morning.

After waking up, you need to stretch in the bed in a good way – it activates the blood circulation and facilitates the process of getting up. You can shake up your arms and legs to activate the capillary circulation in the body. A few vigorous exercises and a contrasting shower will complete the work and fully activate the body in the morning.

Instead of coffee it is better to drink hot freshly brewed tea or cocoa. They have the ability to charge the body with vivacity for a long time, unlike coffee, which has a short-term effect. The reception in the morning of ascorbic acid also helps to quickly come into tone.

This is by no means all ways of normalizing sleep, which are invented by mankind for many years of struggle against its violations. Therefore, you can always find exactly what works best in each specific case and will help to fall asleep and wake up full of energy.

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